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Upgrading Apple Macbook (2008) with an SSD

by Garret
03/31/2014    7:01pm

Hi guys,

So i have an older Apple Macbook (2008) and it works fine but when comparing to newer laptops its definitely showing its age. I noticed some performance issues with the web as well and was wondering if it will be a better off just retiring the Macbook and getting a new one or if it was possible to squeeze a bit more time out of it by upgrading its HDD to an SSD. I heard the performance gain is very noticeable.

I was thinking one of these... px?Item=N82E16820721107 duct/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA29P1EC5421
http://www. 93

Let me know what you guys think... I still really enjoy using the macbook quite a bit and it would be a shame to let it go...


by DeltaIT 03/31/2014 7:10pm

Hi Garret,

In the long run I think it would probably be in your best interest to purchase a new computer. They have come a long way now with battery life and weight I know the early Macbooks weren't the lightest machines... but I also think if you wanted to hold on to it for another year or so an upgrade to a SSD would definitely be worth it.

The price for SSD have actually gone down and are very affordable now. The three that you listed would work perfectly for you too.

Not to mention the ease of the transfer process and the ease to remove the drive from there too!

by New.Horizon 03/31/2014 7:12pm

I did a quick search online and found some interesting reads and even a tutorial for you. rks-dont-lie-ssd-upgrades-deliver-huge-performance -gains.html 8/how-to-speed-up-an-aging-macbook-with-a-solid-st ate-drive/2/

I bet you could even find some hands on tutorials through Youtube for sure as well.

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