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SSD Pros and Cons

by Ben.K
04/01/2014    8:54pm

I saw the other post here about an SSD for a mac and it made me start thinking... what exactly are the pros and cons of using an SSD? I know it seems everyone is riding the SSD bandwagon and saying its the greatest and latest thing but what are the difference between that and an HDD? Can someone really break it down for me as simple as possible?


by Armaan 04/01/2014 9:39pm

Hmm off the top of my head this is what I know:

-They are more pricey
-They have a limit on memory
-But they are faster
-They don't fragment
-No moving parts
-No heat
-No magnets
-Its quiet
-They are smaller

-Much larger storage
-Much cheaper for amount of storage
-A lot more choices
-some variation in speeds
They can last longer than SSD if taken care of
-Produce heat
-Much more heavy and bulky
-Uses magnets

they both seem to have their advantages here and there... it really depends on what you plan on using it for. I would say most people that are heavy multimedia editors might benefit from an HDD for the storage and longer read/write life. BUt for everyday use for lets say a laptop I think an SSD would prove a worthy upgrade.

But this does not even touch upon hybrid hard drives.

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