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Where should a beginner start?

by Garret
03/24/2014    2:27am

Hey Guys,

So I kind of want to start learning how to do HTML and CSS much more professionally... Any one have any good advice? Im only a beginner now but I want to find some resources to help me...


by Hawk 03/24/2014 2:29am

Hmm thats a good question. Some people may suggest going to school like a Community College or maybe a technical school. But I say pick up a book for beginners and read it from start to finish and make sure to do all the practice they tell you to. Then try and build your own project slowly. Im sure once you get rolling you will get the hang of it.

by Jacob 03/24/2014 2:30am

I head is a good online resource for learning from experts. it does require a bad subscription though.

by MsBiz 03/24/2014 2:31am

I actually really like reading the tutorials found here for everything. It comes in handy too!

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