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Online Business Cost

by Ben.K
06/10/2013    8:30pm

Does anyone know what is the typical cost of starting an online business. I have some ideas on starting a social networking site and want to know the typical cost and how I should go about it.


by OnlineBiz 06/10/2013 8:43pm

The cost to build an Online Business or Web Application varies based on how complex your idea is and whether you need to build it custom or using an off the shelf open source software.

Building a custom web application provides better flexibility in customizations but may cost more, but using off the shelf software provides less flexibility in customizations and someone else can easily copy the same idea by using the same off the shelf software.

I have seen custom web applications cost anywhere from $20K to $100K and building web applications based on off the shelf software anywhere from $10K - $50K.

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